Z score forex

Z score forex

Z-score is the mathematical tool used for calculating the capability of a trading system for generating wins and losses in streaks. The simple formula allows us to test our performance, and to check if the streaks generated present a random pattern or not.

An entire spreadsheet & trading system can be built simply by having access to price data, which is provided by most central banks, the ecb being the most natural distributed.

  the z-score (z) for a data item x measures the distance (in standard deviations stddev) and direction of the item from its mean (u) z (x-stddev) u a value of zero indicates that the data item x is equal to the mean u, while positive or negative values show that the data item is.

Z-score is a measure from statistics, which tells us how some given value deviates from the mean value of the set. It can be used in forex trading to assess the randomness of some results. The posts below mention z-score and its use in trading strategy optimization.

  next which is better, which would you bet money on to have a better chance of profitability? Same ea, 2 different versions. How meaningful are they without taking other numbers and stats of the ea results into account? Version a.

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Z score forex

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