Yahoo fantasy baseball league settings

Yahoo fantasy baseball league settings

  setting value league id 6660 league name all champs & no chumps league logo auto-renew enabled yes custom league url httpsbaseball.

League name spicy nachos league logo auto-renew enabled yes draft type live standard draft draft time sun jul 19 400pm pdt live draft pick time 1 minute, 15 seconds cash league settings not a cash league max teams 15 scoring type rotisserie player universe all baseball new players become available as soon as yahoo adds them.

Setting value league id 21410 league name foul line ac baseball auto-renew enabled yes draft type live standard draft draft time wed mar 31 400pm pdt live draft pick time 1 minute, 30 seconds keeper settings yes, enable keeper league management tools keeper deadline date fri mar 26 1200am pdt cash league settings not a cash league max teams 10.

  setting value league id 15198 league name mlb auction league league logo.

Setting value league id 4039 league name mano mlb 2021 auto-renew enabled yes custom league url httpsbaseball.

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Yahoo fantasy baseball league settings

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