Will coinstar take foreign coins

Will coinstar take foreign coins

  since silver coins (mostly dimes quarters and half dollars minted before 1965) are heavier than modern coins, the coinstar will not accept them.

Coinstar cannot accept eisenhower silver dollars, 1943 steel pennies, pure silver, commemorative or foreign coinage. Items such as keys, jewelry and other valuables should also not go into the kiosk.

  that could jam up the coin counter or cause it to spit your change out. Also, coinstar does not accept foreign coins, so youll want to remove those from your collection. But, if a canadian penny or euro coin slips through, no worries. The machine will return it and you can pocket the change for your collection or your next trip.

  use a coin star coin vending machine to exchange your foreign coins before you leave the country.

  the machine counts the coins and will discard any foreign objects like foreign currency in a change dispenser located below it will print off a receipt showing the total with a breakdown of denominations bring the receipt to the teller to.

  i wonder if the same changes that would let them accept silver coins would also let them accept certain classes of foreign coins they dont want? I see more foreign stuff than silver in the reject bins. ) i saw euro-cents left at two different coinstars just friday.

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Will coinstar take foreign coins

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