Wawa vegan options

Wawa vegan options

Vegan drink-y options at wawa multiple types of plain coffee (just choose almond or soymilk) cappuccinos, lattes, and other fancy coffees with soyalmond milk multiple tea-bags to choose from if you want tea any made-to-order fruit smoothie (confirm no milk or use almondsoy milk, and confirm no.).

Its time to get your sauce on! Mustard oil old bay seasoning oregano pepper salt sriracha sauce vinegar burritos and burrito bowls. Even though wawa isnt a mexican joint, they have pretty good mexican burritos that are perfect to go solution.

  potatoes are typically always vegan friendly, and the ones at wawa are no exception. Hash browns are a heartier vegan option to get your day started.

Wawa farmhouse garden veggie salad (110 cals, 8g protein) express fruit and yogurt parfaits (varies, see label) express fruit cups v vegan choice (varies, see label) express apple snack pack v vegan choice (60 cals, 0g protein) express carrot snack pack v vegan choice (30 cals, 1g protein).

Wawa your way whether you want to get more veggies, steer clear of gluten, or power up with protein, weve got you covered.

Vegetarian options at wawa! Havent been back to wawa country in around a year and man, things have really improved! They have the super food veggie wrap which was great and more touch menu options and snack things in the cold case, i was super jazzed about these improvements.

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Wawa vegan options

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Wawa vegan options

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