Viking optional shore excursions

Viking optional shore excursions

  an optional viking excursion in vienna, the heurigen evening provided a high-spirited authentic viennese gemütlichkeit experience.

You may have to skip seeing more conventional choices at your destination. We did a viking shore excursion in aalborg, denmark that we may remember long after weve forgotten certain museums or historical sites.

Be confident in your choice with 247 support for travelers, a full refund if you miss your shore excursion due to itinerary changes or weather, and guaranteed return to your cruise ship ! Select your ship below to see shore excursions for that ship, or call or .

  some of our choices from the list of viking river cruises optional excursions breisach, germany (walking tour on our own) this historic town of breisach on the german side of the rhine was one of the little surprises wed never have discovered outside this cruise approach.

  viking offers classic and iconic tours with local guides at every portsome optional, and some included. Every excursion is listed in both your cruise documents and on the viking website. I take all the included tours because viking only books guides who are experts on their chosen destination. Optional tours are designed to give you further opportunities to dive deeper into the culture.

  viking optional shore excursions - river cruising - cruise critic community. I accidentally posted this in the roll call section, so im re-posting it here. Were doing some research before booking a 2018 european sojourn (bucharest to amsterdam).

Select your itinerary below to see shore excursions for that cruise sailing, or call or for expert advice to help select the best excursions for you.

  we have taken 3 viking cruises and have been very happy with them. On each trip there will 2 or 3 optional tours that are avaiable.

  seeing the gallo-roman ruins in arles while on a viking river cruise shore excursions, including the les arénes amphitheater that can seat 20,000 and is still used today, was mind-blowing.

  in addition to the included tours, viking offers optional shore excursions for an extra charge. It seems approximately 1-4 are available in each city at a cost of around 50 150 per person. Rather than the general introduction to the city you get with the walking tour, these excursions are more specifically themed.

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Viking optional shore excursions

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