Vegetarian restaurants austin tx

Vegetarian restaurants austin tx

I am a run-of-the-mill meat eater that aspires to be a vegetarian or a vegan someday soon.

  texas may be renowned for its barbecue, but austins culinary scene doesnt stop there the city is also brimming with meat-free fare and these restaurants are some of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in austin.

Reviews on vegan restaurants in austin, tx - project pollo, counter culture, bouldin creek cafe, the beer plant, casa de luz, citizen eatery, atx food co, the vegan nom, true food.

Originally opened in 2009 as a successful food trailer, counter culture is the perfect spot to pick. If you have a mad craving for a solid bacon cheeseburger, theres no better place to go than arlos.

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Vegetarian restaurants austin tx

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