The witcher 3 vespula protection

The witcher 3 vespula protection

Angry at this behavior, vespula started yelling at the bard while throwing everything out her window at him, including his lute, but dandelion was able to catch it. Later on, while geralt, dandelion, and dainty were trying to catch dudu, a doppler thatd been impersonating the latter, she appeared in the same market the trio were searching.

You can deal with the enemies in 3 ways defeat them, lie that the woman is under protection of the king of beggars, pay 200 crowns for her. After the conversation with the girl, you can go to elihal who has a shop east from the place where you met vespula.

The witcher 3 wild hunt protecting vespula from women beaters.

Convince thugs that vespula is under the king of beggars protection. Either by telling them to leave or saying that vespula is under your protection. Vespula will tell you that she once saw dandelion with an unknown woman whom he introduced as his niece from kovir.

  tell the thugs to get out or tell them vespula got new protection from you. Tell the thugs that vespula got new protection from king of beggars. If you pay off the debt or tell the thugs that bedlam now protects vespula, they will leave her alone, to much relieved vespulas joy.

Vespulas got new protection - convinces the thugs to leave get outa here - triggers fight with thugs. Choose the way in which you want to deal with whoresons men.

Vespula is one of the many young women the troubadour, dandelion, briefly fancied. We first meet this lucky maiden at the end of her relationship with dandelion.

  third dialogue option broken flowers for vespula i dont see this mentioned in the guide or anywhere else but in the quest broken flowers there is a third option when talking to the thugs with vespula that lets you send away the thugs without paying any crowns and without having to kill anyone.

  when the men are gone, talk to vespula about dandelion and go on your way.

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The witcher 3 vespula protection

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