Sub solution urine kit

Sub solution urine kit

Prank your friends with confidence with the clear choice sub-solution. This is 100 effective synthetic urine designed to be undetectable and toxin-free.

Sub solution synthetic urine kit is 100 effective for a urine drug test. This best synthetic urine is undetectable and comes in a standard size container. Not to mention, this fake urine sample is toxin free and comes along with an ideal heat source, which raises the temperature of the urine sample within just a few seconds. Regardless of your sex (male or female), you can use this fake pee sample without any hassle.

The sub solution kit includes 3oz mixing container easy-to-read temperature strip upgraded formula - powdered synthetic urine vial heat activator powder spout cap.

The only downside to it is the fact that you need to mix it with filtered water. Its a small inconvenience, but its an extra step in comparison to quick luck.

  so without further ado, lets take a look at the rankings of the best fake urine kits around 1. Finally rounding off our list and taking the top spot is clear choice sub solution! This is the predecessor of quick luck and could be regarded as its more popular older brother.

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Sub solution urine kit

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