Qarnot qc1 crypto heater

Qarnot qc1 crypto heater

Qarnot qc-1 crypto heater mining cryptocurrency takes a lot of processing power the kind offered by powerful graphics cards. Instead of fighting it with liquid cooling systems, the qarnot qc-1 crypto heater uses it to heat your home.

  the qc1 is an electric heater thats also a computer, the first dedicated computerheater designed for the domestic market.

  french startup qarnot unveiled a new computing heater specifically made for cryptocurrency mining.

  cryptocurrency mining has become very much geographically centralized and qarnots qc1 a crypto heater has a solution for it.

Qarnot qc1 perhaps the most advanced cryptocurrency heater that you can buy at the moment. What can this cryptocurrency heater do? Ability to heat a room and at the same time to mine cryptocurrencies. You can mine different cryptocurrencies starting from ethereum.

  qarnot is a french company, and it unveils a cryptocurrency heater. The heater features a passive computer inside, and this computer is for cryptocurrency mining. The heater qc1 can warm up your home or office while it mines cryptocoins.

  qarnot heater doubles as cryptocurrency miner by scott march 11, 2018, 816 am by using the power of two graphics processors in a radiator to mine cryptocurrencies, qarnot computing wants you to earn money every time you turn on your heater.

  thats right, combine keeping your house warm with crypto-mining intentionally with the new qarnot qc-1 crypto-mining heating system. Using a large metal radiator, the qc-1 keeps two radeon rx 580 8g gpus cool and your apartment warm.

The computing-heater warms buildings ecologically and for free, thanks to the waste heat released by embedded microprocessors. By performing complex it operations, these high-performance computers, release heat that is directly dissipated to warm flats, social housings, public buildings, offices.

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Qarnot qc1 crypto heater

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