Q15 format calculator

Q15 format calculator

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Q format - number of fractional bits (from 2 to 63), example q7, q15, q31, q63. Mode - result representation format (hexadecimal or decimal) in line - number of values per line in result window. Minimum digits - number of digits in result (only for hexadecimal mode) upper case - hex values contains upper case letters.

  for example, when working with a processor which has a wordlength of 16 bits, we may simply say that we are using the q15 format to represent the numbers. This means that we are putting 15 bits to the right of the binary point and one bit to its left.

This page of converters and calculators section covers floating point to fixed point converter and fixed point to floating point converter.

And the q15 data type is not a floating point, but a fixed point data type. Being fixed point, with a limited range, you have to figure out how you take an integer with a much larger range, and represent as a fixed-point number within the valid range, while at the same time you keep track of how many times you needed to rescale the full-range original integer to get into a full-range fixed-point integer.

Multiplication followed by right-shift right-shift means division i.

  to see this, try dividing the largest positive q15 number by the smallest positive q15 number, which results in a large number with 15 digits in front of the fractional point (0x7fff0x8000) (10x8000) (0x7fff 0x8000 ) 0x8000 0x3fff8000 0x8000.

  how to do this with q15 numbers? All numbers are scaled by b. So sqrt(ab) is simply xmcmathcordicq15sqrt(a) 2172 because 0.

  for example, for a fft length of 256, the input format is q15 (1. If i want to perform an fft and directly fllowed by an ifft, i have to convert output fft data which are in 9.).

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Q15 format calculator

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