Osrs best mage defence

Osrs best mage defence

The 3rd age mage hat provides the same bonuses and only requires 65 and 30 to wear, but has no melee defence or magic damage bonuses.

While they only offer 5 magical defence, they are completely free to replace. Imbued god cape 15 requires 75 and completion of the mage arena ii miniquest to be worn. A mages book can be used an alternative for those with lower defence, requiring only 60 magic and giving 15 magic defence.

  for that, mages opt for defensive gear that also provides magic attack bonuses. Head, chest, and leg pieces all require 75 magic and 65 defense to wear. Bis neckpiece is 3 rd age amulet that requires 70 magic and 30 defense to equip.

Ahrims robetop and robeskirt give the highest magic attack bonus available concerning torso and legs, respectively, and also give a good melee defence which is significantly higher than that of splitbark armour. Ahrims robes are very popular, especially amongst more advanced participants in pvp activities.

That means you should be using barrows glovescombat brace, dragon boots, and a dragon defender. In osrs the saying that the best defence is a good offence is really true. The better your offence is the faster you will kill your opponent, and the less time they will have to damage you, thus reducing the overall damage that you take.

  for more runescape, check this out osrs hunter guide for 1-99. Magic is one of the most important skills if you plan on dedicating your character to pvp. So, even though you dont need level 99 to unlock the best spells in the game, having level 99 will provide the maximum possible magic defense from other players.

  your magic defence is determined 70 by your magic level and 30 by your defence level. So, this piece of information makes magic pures a little bit less effective, mainly in terms of pures, because a lot of pures have a really, really high magic level and 1 defence.

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Osrs best mage defence

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