Ncfm exam registration fees

Ncfm exam registration fees

  various ncfm test details (fees, questions, duration, pass marks & validity). ) candidates have the option to take the tests in english, gujarati or hindi languages.

Registration number category how did you come to know about the ncfm program sources --select source-- visit to nse investor awareness program nses website nse certified capital market professional (nccmp) universities facebook continuing professional education (cpe) program management development programme school financial literacy corporate financial literacy ncfm.

All details like full name, date of birth, email id and contact nos. , photograph and signature on the form are mandatory (for new registration only). Paste a recent passport size photograph in the box provided (polaroid photographs not allowed).

It tests the practical knowledge and skills required to operate in the financial markets. Tests are conducted in a secure and unbiased manner and certificates awarded based on merit of the candidate to qualify the on-line test.

Score reporting score card is issued on the spot to the candidate after the completion of test.

  to continue with our endeavour to provide innovative solutions, nse has launched ncfm on-line registration and enrollment (ncfm-ore) facility. For online registrationpaymentenrollment please click here. Features of on-line registration on-line registration and access for updating candidate profile.

  the exam fees vary in the range of 825 to 1,025 depending on the time of registration, such that 825, 925, and 1,025 corresponds to early, standard and late registration respectively.

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Ncfm exam registration fees

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Ncfm exam registration fees

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