Minecraft lichcraft server ip

Minecraft lichcraft server ip

Welcome to lichcraft! Lichcraft is one of the largest and longest running minecraft communities around. Running for over three years with over thirty eight thousand site members and thousands of new players joining our servers every day we are constantly expanding and looking to implement new, awesome features to keep people to be.

Welcome to lichcraft! Lichcraft is one of the largest and longest running minecraft communities around. Running for over three years with over thirty eight thousand site members and thousands of new players joining our servers every day we are constantly expanding and looking to implement new, awesome features to keep.

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Within each of these servers is a huge amount of great people to interact with that make lichcraft so amazing to be in. The players are the ones that make the little mini games within servers such as skin competitions, casinos, stores, pvp arenas and so many other kinds of fun activities.

Lichcraft server ip for minecraft server, what is ip address for i like the way i can get a starter kit every few hours on some servers it is a 1 time thing but here i have fun and i can interact with others but whe.

Lichcraft is a remake of the well known lichcraft server however its such a fun server to play even if you havent played lichcraft! We currently run the following gamemodes survival 1. 15 within each of these servers is a huge amount of great people to interact with that make lichcraftia so amazing to be in.

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Minecraft lichcraft server ip

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