Litecoin whale watcher

Litecoin whale watcher

  ltc whale watcher has noted how one of the biggest litecoin whales has continued to accumulate as the price moved up. Another 32,733 ltc has made its way to this particular wallet address.

Several humpback whales swim together on their migration route to alaskan waters. Bitcoin blasted from 10,000 to just under 20,000 in just a few months, sans any significant correction.

  this increase has excited a few litecoin enthusiasts on social media as one of them, called ltc whale watcher, took to twitter to say that one of the biggest litecoin stakeholders has continuously accumulated assets even as the price increased.

Ive been following the whale watcher for a some time now, and whenever i see the big whales buying in huge amounts of ltc, nothing to the price happens. At moment of speaking there is more then 100k litecoin bought in an hour.

According to the report of themerkle, ltc whale watcher has noted how one of the biggest litecoin whales has continued to accumulate as the price moved up. Another 32,733 ltc has made its way to this particular wallet address.

  a few weeks ago, whale watcher noticed transactions of unusually large amounts of bitcoin (btc), ethereum (eth) and litecoin (ltc). Some speculated that these transactions were made by coinbase concerning its secret operational security practices.

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Litecoin whale watcher

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