Liberland merit to usd

Liberland merit to usd

  liberlands merit token built on bitcoin cash captures 1m market cap. The sovereign microstate known as liberland has recently minted a new token called merit (llm) and the coin has been added to the altilly exchange.

The total amount of issued liberland merits was llm 4,135,400 as of 31st december 2019. All contribu-tions and most of the third-party related expenses have been rewarded with merits by 11 to usd equivalent. This year we have issued an overall llm 609,637 out of which 57. 65 was compensation for provided work instead of using state our budget.

The total liberland income has reached the amount of 458,077 usd in calendar year 2018 (note usd means usd equivalent recalculated to usd with the exchange rate valid at the day of each transaction). This total income is represented by both strategic investments as well as small amounts from donations.

In the current structure, all donators are rewarded (credited) with liberland merits with the nominal value 11 usd equivalent of hisher donation. This regime applies even if the creditor has declared a strict purpose of the payment.

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Liberland merit to usd

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