Jaxx xrp support

Jaxx xrp support

Xrp support? All the posts on this are old, anyone have any visibility on this? 2 comments.

  never reveal your private keys or backup phrase to anyone, not even us! Scammers are always out trying to take your crypto, be diligent jaxx liberty is your multi-platform, multi-currency digital asset wallet, with 80 assets supported. It builds on the success of jaxx, one of the most popular blockchain and digital asset wallets, with millions of downloads.

  some users have complained that there is no support for ripple (xrp), and there hasnt been any indication from the jaxx team that such support will be added. That said, the development team is very involved with the users and is happy to accept requests for new coins to be added to the wallet, either through the support ticketing system or on their active sub-reddit.

Never reveal your private keys or backup phrase to anyone, not even us! Scammers are always out trying to take your crypto, be diligent jaxx liberty is your multi-platform, multi-currency digital asset wallet, with 80 assets supported. It builds on the success of jaxx, one of the most popular blockchain and digital asset wallets, with millions of downloads.

The leading blockchain wallet with built-in exchange, portfolio, crypto news, market data and block explorer.

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Jaxx xrp support

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