Is overstock legit reddit

Is overstock legit reddit

My wifei are looking to purchase a new dining room set for our home.

Looking at creed edp from overstock, with a price that is just.

  overall, overstock is a legit website with reliable shipping, most of the time (continue reading), but all orders within the us are free for orders over 45. Com continues to find new ways to get the consumer the best deal.

Com? Get the lowdown on quality, cost, pros and cons, plus the answers to frequently asked questions and reviews from overstock.

When it comes to the maximum rating, there is not really much to talk about. As a super high authority website that earned its reputation online a long time ago, it is no surprise that our vldtr tool came up with a 100.

Overstock site said it was shipped and provided a tracking number, but when tracking the order only a label had been created. Customer service did cancel the order, so now just waiting to see if my refund is actually issued back onto my card.

Com so cheap? Are they legit? - posted in shopping discussions i dont understand why their video game hardware is cheaper than other places (especially with the 10 activation coupon). That makes their xbox 360 sell for only 360 or even a 130 ps2 goes for 117. Are they legit? I want to know before i place my order there.

  overstock is not a liveperson customer by the way (perhaps that should have tipped me off). I have ordered the earrings on december 23rd, 2011 and of course i knew they will take some time to arrive, after all it was just before christmas but that was fine with me, i had hoped they will arrive a few days after the new year.

I sent 3 separate emails along with pictures to customer service and i received no response. They are very careful not to give out a phone number on their site. You can find a text number and when i used that it said it would be 4 hour waite.

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Is overstock legit reddit

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