Idle gold miner facebook hack

Idle gold miner facebook hack

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  you can obtain 400 super cash for free by liking idle miner tycoon on facebook. To do this go to settings and then click on the like button near the facebook icon.

1 unlimited coins & money idle miner mod apk or idle miner hack is a popularly- recognized android game, lies in the genre of simulation game. As a player, youre just a step away from satisfying your ultimate dream of running an exclusive business empire.

Best strategy idle miner how to get chests and also the gold mine.

  become a true gold miner! Mine more than 15 resources coal, gold, and jade, making this different than all of the other idle tycoon game.

Hack information hackmenu (backslash () openclose) 1 money (1000-10000000) game information. Buy mines, hire some funny dwarves to work the mine, gain gold and use upgrades to increase your business to the point where you dont even need to click the mouse button any longer.

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Idle gold miner facebook hack

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