Forex world cup 2018

Forex world cup 2018

  the forex world cup 2018 is the biggest forex competition ever offered by exness. Over the course of 12 rounds, traders from all over the world will compete for a total prize pool of usd 120,000 in cash and bonus. An additional grand finale round, open to all participants but with a single grand prize, will also be held.

  exness offers the forex world cup 2018, which is a 12 rounds demo competition with a total prize pool of 120 000 usd. Participants compete on demo mini accounts with leverage up to 12000.

  exness is delighted to present forex world cup 2018 make your mark, be a champion to win cash prizes. A 12 rounds contest with a total prize fund of usd 120,000 in cash and bonus. Show your trading skill within a risk-free environment while the fight for the cash prize.

The biggest competition forex exness is forex world cup 2018. In 12 rounds, forex traders around the world will compete for a total prize worth 120,000 in cash and bonuses. In addition, there is also an additional 1 grand final round that is for all participants, but there is only 1 main prize.

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Forex world cup 2018

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Forex world cup 2018

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