Etoro affiliate cpa

Etoro affiliate cpa

Etoro partners provides everything you need for a successful campaign highly-converting marketing tools, an amazing product to promote, a strong, reputable brand and a competitive payment program our cpa plan is tiered per country tier 1 cpa 250 tier 2 cpa 200 tier 3 cpa 100 you can see the countries division by tier here.

Affiliates will not receive a cpa if the same user opens more than one account. The referred user must generate at least 10 in commissions to etoro.

  how much is the etoro affiliate commission? There are two ways that etoro affiliates get paid in commission revenue share and cost per action. The cost per action or cpa is a commission paid out after specific actions are made by the investor who signed up using your etoro affiliate link.

Etoro is the worlds largest social trading and investment network. Com affiliate program, youll be able to earn the highest revenue share and cpa deals around. Etoro offers a simple, transparent and enjoyable way to invest and trade in currencies, commodities, indices and stocks online.

Cpa stands for cost per action and it basically means that if someone funds and trades their account, you will also receive a commission. There are a number of reasons why affiliates love cpa, but that goes beyond the purpose of this review of etoros affiliate program.

Affiliate commissions cpa starts at 250 200 100 plans by tiered countries. Content on etoros openbook is generated by members of its is binomo app safe community and does not contain advice or recommendations by or on behalf of etoro affiliate cpa etoro online trading etoro is the worlds largest social trading and.

  etoro partners is widely considered one of the most rewarding and innovative forex affiliate programs. Their trading platform is visually engaging forex trading software that makes trading simple and friendly, appealing to newcomers and experts alike.

Etoro is the worlds leading social trading platform on the cutting edge of financial markets. The flagship service provided by etoro, and its etoro partners affiliate program, is its smart investment features through copyfunds.

Quite profitable if you can get the cpa option which pays up to 400 per person. Initially it used to be automatic (you could choose cpa right from the beginning) but nowadays you have to start with 25 revenue share then if they like the people y.

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Etoro affiliate cpa

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