Best resolution to play cs 1.6

Best resolution to play cs 1.6

On pro settings! 800x600 resolution? (funny moments) - youtube.

If you still get over 150 fps on 1024x768 stretched i would use that. It is a little easier to see things at long range and it is a little easier to target people as the pixels look sharper.

And write the target after that -gl -32bpp -dxlevel 90 , then click on apply.

6 how to set 640x480 resolution on a 24 monitor? Any1 can explain me please how i can make my cs 1. 6 run in full screen with 640x480 resolution, i tried a lot of things but it didnt work.

  if given the ability to play the clutch how he wants then youre guaranteed quality content. 1st place esports championship series season 1 - north america.

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Best resolution to play cs 1.6

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