Best portable battery charger reddit

Best portable battery charger reddit

I dont use my phone much at festivals, but the 20k mah battery made it all the way through 4 days of tml without needing a charge.

It has 5 ports -- 2 micro usb inputs (plug both in at once and it charges itself up pretty quick) and 3 regular usb outputs. I know its not the fastest usb-c is capable of, but not many phones on the market can manage 6a anyways.

Ive ordered the orico 10kma and its supposed to be delivered tomorrow. Id really like to find a 5kma battery that would be more pocket friendly but everything the big brands put out seems to be 20kma.

Anker powercore 10000, one of the smallest and lightest 10000mah external batteries, ultra-compact, high-speed charging technology power bank for iphone, samsung galaxy and more httpswww. It is much more smaller than other battery banks so very portable and charges pretty fast.

Depending on how long you need the charger to last, a 5,000 or 10,000 mah battery pack option would be best as they can be thin and small.

  youve likely heard of anker, and this is one of the companys best portable chargers.

6-ounce ravpower 20000 bank is one of the best portable chargers because it offers enough to make its weight worth it.

  nimbles champ portable charger is the smallest battery pack weve ever tried, but doesnt skimp on any features.

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Best portable battery charger reddit

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