Amd a10 7860k gaming

Amd a10 7860k gaming

  the amd a10-7860k is a balanced processor in terms of price, performance, power usage, and gaming capabilities.

  amds a10-7860k is priced at 118, with the apu lineup topping-out at 165 for the a10-7890k.

  a10-7860k performance table (dota 2, league of legends, csgo, world of tanks) below is the table that came from amd labs. According to their results, all games were run at full hd 1080p with various detail settings.

  nvidia gtx 1050 a10 7860k test in 10 games part 1list of gamesmotogp 18 000fortnite 126cs go 317wreckfest 433grand theft auto 5 600injustice 2.

In terms of overall gaming performance, the intel core i7-4770k 4-core 3. 5ghz is massively better than the amd apu a10-7860k quad-core when it comes to running the latest games.

  the a10-7890k falls back even further in the dota 2 benchmark. This game relies heavily on the cpu, so its loss of clock rate has a larger impact on overall performance.

The minimum and maximum heat depends on your current cooling system.

  amd a10-7870k apu gaming test benchmarkjoin the discord httpsdiscord.

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Amd a10 7860k gaming

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