Amaysim international roaming rates

Amaysim international roaming rates

You can travel and roam around the world with your amaysim mobile in over 50 countries. Keep in mind that while your amaysim mobile plan and international phone plan makes it easy to call internationally from australia, international roaming outside of australia can be quite costly even though it is easy and convenient.

Amaysim offers great international call rates starting from 6cmin with no flagfall. See our list of every country code and their call, sms & mms costs.

You can use your amaysim sim card to roam in over 50 countries, however although international roaming can be convenient, it can also be expensive and wed recommend taking a look at our roaming rates for a breakdown of the costs.

Our unlimited 30gb mobile plan and our unlimited 125gb long expiry mobile plan include unlimited standard international talk & text to mobile and landlines in 28 countries from australia.

Does amaysim offer international roaming? Amaysim plans include pay-as-you-go roaming rates will vary based on your location. Unlike other providers operating on the optus network, youre not able to buy prepaid roaming packs for your amaysim plan, so all costs will be added to your bill or deducted from your credit on a per-use basis.

  before you leave, disable roaming data for the amaysim sim. You dont want apps trying to sip data the moment you disable aeroplane mode when youre waiting for an sms. You actually dont need aeroplane mode at all in this case - just make sure you dont answer any calls on that sim, and obviously dont make any outbound callssms.

That way i could use my phone in an emergency (id turned roaming on in my amaysim) but i wouldnt risk another whopping bill like last time. The best part was i could still surf the net whilst i was overseas.

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Amaysim international roaming rates

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Amaysim international roaming rates

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