Adding ram to lenovo legion y540

Adding ram to lenovo legion y540

Hello, i bought lenovo legion y540 with i7-9750h, 8 gb ddr 2666 mhz ram, 512 gb ssd and gtx 1660 ti. I want to add 8 gb rams and additional ssd in the emty slot and i have questions. What ram manufacturer is stock installed in this laptop (i want to add excactly the same as.).

  in this video i show how you can upgrade the ram in the lenovo legion y530 y540.

  hi friends! Do you need upgrade and you dont know where to find compatible components & tools.

Notebook ram upgrade legion y540 by lenovo more speed with little fuss installing and testing ram modules whether you are looking to configure your device yourself or upgrade it, equipping a device with sufficient ram is one quick and easy way to ensure smoother and more efficient operations.

Hi everyone! I recently bought a legion y540 with a i5 9300hf, geforce gtx 1650 and 8gb ram. I was thinking about adding an extra 8gb of ram to the empty slot, but im afraid it will increase the cpu temps. Right now, im averaging about 55 c while playing forza horizon 4.

  in terms of memory and storage, the legion y540 has a single m. Then there are the two ram dimms, able to pack up to 32gb of ddr4 memory. In fact, they are covered by the same metal plate as last year. As we mentioned, the cooling solution didnt see any significant changes as well.

Lenovo y540, 15, i7-9750h with 2x m471a4g43mb1-ctd (64gb in total) works just fine. Upon receiving the laptop and installing windows (yeah they remove all your data) i find out i got scammed by this company,.

How to upgrade ram on lenovo legion y530, 8gb 16gb or 32gb, replace, remove - youtube.

You can upgrade your lenovo legion y540 laptop to up to a maximum memory capacity of 32gb memory. How many total memory slots to install memory? The laptop has 2 slotsto install memory, already with 16gb standard memory installed.

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Adding ram to lenovo legion y540

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Adding ram to lenovo legion y540

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