2017 cadillac cts v nurburgring lap time

2017 cadillac cts v nurburgring lap time

  cadillac says that with john heinricy, the director of vehicle integration (and a darn fine racing driver), behind the wheel, a production-mimicking cts-v posted a lap time of 759.

  all-new cadillac cts drives challenging nürburgring vsport model records lap time of 814.

The cadillac website lists the v sedans weight at 4220lbs for the manual and 4253 for the automatic. Manufacturer numbers are almost never supported by reviews, but the 4356lbs listed on this page just seems way too high.

1 lap time around the ring, making it the quickest front-wheel drive production car to ever lap the circuit.

  2014 cadillac cts-v completed a lap of willow springs in b1 minute and 29.

  cadillacs small rwd sedan to lap nurburgring faster than segment competitors.

2005 cadillac cts-v specs, 0-60, quarter mile, lap times, top speed, engine specifications, pictures.

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2017 cadillac cts v nurburgring lap time

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2017 cadillac cts v nurburgring lap time

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